Welcome to “Lekanes” olive grove, which produces the Koroneiki variety and is located 3 kilometers northwest of the village of Fichtia, next to the historical Mycenae.


The name of the area is attributed to its geomorphology. A valley surrounded by hills creates the impression of a natural basin (lekani), which retains the rainwater. The ancient Mycenaeans, with their renowned olive oil, had their olive groves in this location.

In May 2016 we created a non-irrigated olive grove of 165 trees of the Koroneiki variety in this area. Exploiting the long-rested red soil we “sowed the seeds” of our love for the blessed olive tree.

The flora of the area consists of thymes, heathers, wild flowers, scrubland (gorses, kermes), pine trees, cypresses, which grow next to the olive trees and contribute to the excellent quality of our olive oil.


As is the case with the rest of the olive groves we care for, all the growing processes take place without the use of chemical substances and pesticides even if that entails a certain delay in the growth or the fruitfulness. Given the huge role the conservation of biodiversity plays in our life and health, we adamantly refuse to be involved in its loss and subsequently to the loss of the quality of our olive oil. This is the big challenge we pose to ourselves and the people that trust us.

  • Koroneiki variety i38
  • Number of olive trees: 165
  • Average vitality and open canopy, very high productivity, containing around 20% oil of high quality and stability.