Who are you and where are you from?

We are Ilias and Thodoris from Argos, Argolis, 36 and 27 years old respectively.

Do you trade in olive oil?

No, we do not trade in olive oil.  Our production is made available for self-consumption and for cases of people that are in real need.

How can I adopt a quartet of olive trees?

When visiting our site, you will find all the information you need to become a foster parent.  However, in case you face any difficulties, we are at your disposal by phone or via email.

Up to how many quartets can I adopt?

You can adopt from a quartet to as many quartets as there are in the olive groves.

What is the cost of this process?

The only financial cost incurred on you is 250 euros per year of adoption.

Can I visit you?

Of course you can visit us. All you need to do beforehand is contact us via email or by phone so we can arrange the details.

How long does an adoption last?

The adoption lasts exactly one year from the first day of adoption.

How many liters of olive oil will I receive?

You will receive 6 lt of extra virgin olive oil from us and not only. Along with the packaged olive oil we will also send you many other surprise gifts.

Do I have to register necessarily?

No, you are not required to register in order to participate in the adoption process.  You can proceed to your adoption even as a visitor and benefit from the program.  However, you should note that in case you are a member, you will benefit from gifts and various promotions.

Why should I get into this process?

The reason we urge you to get into this process is for you and all people to get to know this divine gift of nature so that this whole thing will be done with a different approach than the one offered by a supermarket shelf.   In other words, if someone gets to hold a bottle of olive oil, they can have a deep sense of the magnificence of the outcome stemming from love, hard work, passion and great effort of the people who live for it.

What kind of olive tree varieties are there in your olive groves?

Our varieties are the following: Koroneiki, Manaki and local Ladoelia.

How will this process benefit me or my family?

Knowledge! You will primarily gain knowledge of anything related to this process so that this particular outcome can be achieved, i.e. olive oil. In case you are able to visit us, though, apart from the knowledge you will also gain and a wonderful experience that will accompany you for the rest of your life, giving you many answers to issues of ecological interest.

In what terms are you different from the rest of adoption sites?

Τhe most important thing that differentiates us from other sites is that we do not trade in olive oil. We do not sell you olive oil. Driven by our great love for what we do, we want to share with the people the benefits of the process aiming at the production of the much desired olive oil.

When will I receive my olive oil?

You will receive your olive oil a few days after the end of the oil harvesting period.  We will be in contact so that you will know exactly when you will receive your olive oil.

Do I adopt exclusively through the site?

In case you do not wish to become a foster parent through the site, you can contact us via e-mail or by phone so you can become a foster parent at any time.

Can I donate olive trees to third parties?

This is great news. Of course you can donate adopted olive trees of yours anywhere you wish. Imagine how the recipients of such a gift will feel. Their joy will be indescribable.  Especially people that have never seen a fruit of olive tree before.

When is the olive tree harvesting period?

The olive tree harvesting period starts in October and is completed in January every year.

I would like to visit you and participate in the olive-growing work. Is this possible?

Of course you can. In this case, too, you will gain a great number of beneficial experiences through this process.  We provide you with the necessary equipment and you visit the olive grove along with us in order to do what is necessary in the particular period.

Can I adopt 5 olive trees, for example?

Due to some technical procedures attributed to the website and in order for the program to “run” properly, unfortunately, the adoption of olive trees should be carried out per 4 olive trees.

How will I get informed and how often?

Your update will take place regularly through live streaming photos, via email and by any other means you wish to get informed.

What benefits will I enjoy if I visit you?

You will definitely enjoy a number of benefits if you are able to visit us. In addition to the beneficial experiences you will gain, you will also get many discounts in local hotels and restaurants, shops and supply stores, for instance, gas stations. The discounts you will receive range from 15% to 60%. However, you will also be able to see that through our website where there will be a discount section for our visitors.

How often is olive-growing work carried out?

The olive-growing work is carried out every other day for some periods, every other week for some other periods within the year, while for other periods it is carried out every 15 days.

Do you have an interpreter for the tour around the olive groves?

Of course we have an interpreter for your tour around our Olive groves. We cater for a tour in a great number of languages.

In what package will I receive my olive oil?

Our olive oil will be packaged in a package specially designed for olive oil that meets all the European Union standards.

Will there be shipping charges?

In order to carry out the deliveries of your parcels, we are in partnership with the courier company DHL. For the countries of the European Union, the shipping of your parcels is free.

Do you have a reception area if I visit you?

Of course there is a traditional reception area. This area is situated in our headquarters, the traditional village of Sterna, Argolis.  We welcome you by our fireplace offering you traditional local sweets and various other local viands so that this bond will start in the sweetest possible way.

How can I make a deposit? What happens afterwards?

The financial deposit is carried out via bank transfer to the company’s account …………………….. and you send us the receipt. Afterwards we send you the private agreement, we cosign it and then you are a foster parent!!!