Ilias and Thodoris first met in the restaurant sector, where they have been operating for quite a few years. Thodoris and Ilias, a chef and a maître d’ by profession respectively, have been offering their services where cooking, with its smells and tastes, meets restaurant dining rooms.

The selection and use of high-quality olive oil in this sector are always of primary importance both for the taste and the quality of the services provided!

Therefore, coming from rural families, which take care of and cultivate the olive tree with love, the two of them decide to unite their many years’ experience aiming to familiarize people around the world with the cultivation of the olive tree and the olive oil fruit-based production methods.

Ilias and Thodoris’ vision can be brought to life (or come true) through a highly interesting process that gives every single one of you the opportunity to participate!

Welcome to Olive tree adoption.