About adoption

All of you that have a love and respect for nature that in turn creates the desire to come in contact with it, become familiar with the cultivation and harvesting process of the olive tree, most probably have your “own little field”, but have never had the motivation or the time, “olive’s tree adoption” offers you a unique possibility. Through our program you can become farmers from your home or your office, gaining highly beneficial experiences through the interesting process of the cultivation of the olive tree, such as having your own olive oil at home every year, along with the well-known health benefits. Learn more–>

Who we are


Ilias and Thodoris first met in the restaurant sector, where they have been operating for quite a few years.

Thodoris and Ilias, a chef and a maître d’ by profession respectively, have been offering their services where cooking, with its smells and tastes, meets restaurant dining rooms.  More –>

Where we are